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Title: Structural and biochemical characterization of neuronal calretinin domain I-II (residues 1-100): Comparison to homologous calbindin D28k domain I-II (residues 1-93)
Autohors: Palczewska, Malgorzata; Groves, Patrick; Ambrus, Attila; Kaleta, Agata; Kover, Katalin E.; Batta, Gyula; Kuznicki, Jacek
Date: 12/01/2001
Volume: 268
Issue: 23
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Title: Subchronic Inhalation Study of Stone Wool Fibres in Rats
Date: 03/01/2004
Volume: 48
Issue: 2
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Title: Substitution of Cysteine for a Conserved Alanine Residue in the Catalytic Center of Type II Iodothyronine Deiodinase Alters Interaction with Reducing Cofactor
Autohors: Kuiper, George G. J. M.; Klootwijk, Willem; Visser, Theo J.
Date: 04/01/2002
Volume: 143
Issue: 4
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Title: Superoxide Dismutases in the Lung and Human Lung Diseases
Autohors: Kinnula, Vuokko L.; Crapo, James D.
Date: 06/15/2003
Volume: 167
Issue: 12
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Title: SV40 as a causative agent in mesothelioma: a new twist to the story
Autohors: Lee, Y C G
Date: 01/01/2005
Volume: 60
Issue: 1
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Title: SV40 Detection in Human Tumor Specimens
Autohors: Carbone, Michele; Rdzanek, Monica A.; Rudzinski, Jennifer J.; De Marco, Melissa A.; Bocchetta, Maurizio; Ramos Nino, Maria; Mossman, Brooke; Pass, Harvey I.
Date: 11/01/2005
Volume: 65
Issue: 21
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Title: SV40 Enhances the Risk of Malignant Mesothelioma among People Exposed to Asbestos: A Molecular Epidemiologic Case-Control Study
Autohors: Cristaudo, Alfonso; Foddis, Rudy; Vivaldi, Agnese; Buselli, Rodolfo; Gattini, Vittorio; Guglielmi, Giovanni; Cosentino, Francesca; Ottenga, Franco; Ciancia, Eugenio; Libener, Roberta; Filiberti, Rosangela; Neri, Monica; Betta, PierGiacomo; Tognon, Mauro; Mutti, Luciano; Puntoni, Riccardo
Date: 04/15/2005
Volume: 65
Issue: 8
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Title: SV40 Tag DNA sequences, present in a small proportion of human hepatocellular carcinomas, are associated with reduced survival
Autohors: Wong, N A C S; Rae, F; Herriot, M M; Mayer, N J; Brewster, D H; Harrison, D J
Date: 12/01/2003
Volume: 56
Issue: 12
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Title: SV40-Dependent AKT Activity Drives Mesothelial Cell Transformation after Asbestos Exposure
Autohors: Cacciotti, Paola; Barbone, Dario; Porta, Camillo; Altomare, Deborah A.; Testa, Joseph R.; Mutti, Luciano; Gaudino, Giovanni
Date: 06/15/2005
Volume: 65
Issue: 12
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Title: Synergy between Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Established Murine Solid Tumors
Autohors: Nowak, Anna K.; Robinson, Bruce W. S.; Lake, Richard A.
Date: 08/01/2003
Volume: 63
Issue: 15
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Title: Systematic Reviews in Health Care. Meta-analysis in Context.: M Egger, G Davey Smith, Doug Altman (eds). London: BMJ Books, 2001, pp. 487, {pound}50.00. ISBN: 072791488X.
Autohors: Kleijnen, Jos; Antes, Gerd
Date: 06/01/2002
Volume: 31
Issue: 3
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Title: T-Cell Receptor Transgenic Analysis of Tumor-specific CD8 and CD4 Responses in the Eradication of Solid Tumors
Autohors: Marzo, Amanda L.; Lake, Richard A.; Robinson, Bruce W. S.; Scott, Bernadette
Date: 03/01/1999
Volume: 59
Issue: 5
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